Power to the Profession Initiative

Decision Cycle 1 Consensus Statement Approved

In order to advance a unified and well compensated early childhood workforce, we must have an agreed upon definition for the early childhood education profession, including consensus agreement on the name, roles and responsibilities of the profession.

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After two previous drafts, thousands of comments and hours of in-person conversation shared by the early childhood field, the Power to the Profession Task Force has approved the above consensus statement for Decision Cycle 1. Please let us know by taking the survey below, whether this statement reflects where you think we should move as a profession.

This statement will serve as the foundation for Power to the Profession as we continue to come to agreement on the competencies, qualifications, pathways and recommended compensation for the early childhood education profession.

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About Power to the Profession

Power to the Profession is a two-year process to establish a unified framework for the early childhood education profession, with the voices of the field itself at the center. We need your voice! There will be multiple opportunities for you to continue to shape the definition of the early childhood education profession. Sign up here to stay involved.

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