Congresswoman Martha McSally Visits NAEYC-Accredited Early Learning Center

Emilie Pechuzal, SAZAEYC’s VP of Public Policy and Awareness, hosted Rep. Martha McSally in her classroom at Emily Meschter ELC. Emilie writes, “This visit from Congresswoman McSally to my classroom was the culmination of many months of work to advocate for early childhood programs in our community. It was wonderful to have my students meet her and even more wonderful to discuss high quality early childhood programs with the congresswoman, my colleagues, and our district leadership. Thank you Congresswoman for your visit, for the books you gave us from the Library of Congress, and for your service to our community!”


NAEYC Leadership Meets with First Things First Scholars

Arizona NAEYC leadership met with Pima College First Things First scholars to talk about benefits of NAEYC membership and what services they would like to see for members.