2020 Board of Directors

Voting for the 2020 Board of Directors is now OPEN.

You must be a NAEYC member in order to cast your vote. For more information on NAEYC membership click here. If you are a member, and have not already received an email with the link to vote, please contact Kelly Ann Larkin at executivedirector@sazaeyc.org or Erin Aguilar at nominations@sazaeyc.org

Voting closes November 22.

The following positions are up for election for 2020 SAZAEYC Board of Directors:         

  • President (two-year term)
  • Vice President of Public Policy and Awareness (two-year term) 
  • Vice President of Communications (two-year term)
  • Treasurer (two-year term) 
  • Secretary (two-year term) 
  • Student Representatives [2] (two-year term) 
  • Member-at-Large [4] (two-year term)

President* (two-year term)

Oversees the Board of Directors, prepares and leads board meetings, collaborates with the Association Director, and is a spokesperson in the community for SAZAEYC.

* must have served one year as president elect. 

Vice President of Public Policy and Awareness (two-year term) 

.Assists in the development of annual public policy goals/priorities and in communicating policy alerts; facilitates SAZAEYC participation in coalition efforts with other organizations, can run as Co-VP.

Vice President of Communications (two-year term)

Acts as editor and content manager of website and social media, develops promotional materials as needed with Board, especially with VP of Membership, can run as Co-VP.

Treasurer (two-year term) 

Plans and develops the annual budget with the help of the board, accountant and bookkeeper; reviews monthly financial reports; collects all incoming funds and makes prompt payment of bills; heads the finance committee, can run as Co-Treasurer.

Secretary (two-year term) 

Records and distributes the minutes of all board meetings; coordinates other correspondence from the organization; maintains historical records and archive.

Student Representatives [2] (two-year term) 

Helps market SAZAEYC to the students. Brings concerns and suggestions from the students’ perspective to the board and acts as liaison with any student clubs associated with SAZAEYC

Member-at-Large [4] (two-year term)

Actively participates in Board meetings and events and participates on a committee mentoring with a vice-president

Consider running for one of our open positions HERE

The nomination period closes on September 20.

*Note:  All nominees must be or able to be members of NAEYC . For more information on NAEYC membership click here.