2018 Conference Session Handouts

Session Handouts

Morning Sessions:

#A02 Exploring “Alebrijes”: Fantasical Animals through Provocation and Imagination. Alebrijes

#A12 Making the Connection: My brain and my behavior. My Brain and My Behavior

Mid-Morning Sessions:

#B09 Learning Barriers: Understanding Students with Behavior, Concentration Issues, Tantrums, or Trouble with Change when Vision Problems are Present. Learning Barriers Presentation and Teacher Checklist

Afternoon Sessions:

#C07 Mindfulness from the Inside Out. Mindfulness: What it is and isn’t and Mindful Planning Worksheet

#C08 Carpentry for Young Children: Katie Bindschadler, Adrianna Encinas, Stephanie Castillo- Leon. Carpentry Session Handout and Carpentry for Kids Packet