A Letter from Our President:

To members-letter-re restructuringfinal

Membership Benefits:

  • 6 issues of Young Children journal
  • 5-6 NAEYC publications (books on curriculum planning & implementation, cooking with children, assessments, power of play, etc.)
  • Benefits included in Regular & Student rate


  • 6 issues of Young Children journal
  • Voting rights in NAEYC elections
  • Reduced registration fees at NAEYC conferences
  • Reduced subscription fees for Early Childhood Research Quarterly
  • Reduced prices on NAEYC publications
  • Opportunities to participate in various insurance plans, an Association-sponsored credit card service


  • Same benefits as Regular category

Additional benefits for all members include possible grants, scholarships to events, networking with others working the early childhood field, as well as opportunities for leadership and growth

Membership Contact Person:

SAzAEYC Office
(520) 777-0867

Your membership helps to:
Improve your teaching and learning
Raise the quality of early childhood education programs
Build the early childhood profession
Promote public support and policies for young children

Need to talk with NAEYC about your membership?
(800) 424-2460 (9am-5pm, Eastern Time)

Membership changes are coming:
NAEYC realizes that their current levels of membership does not fit every individual and situation.  As a result, they are currently redefining the membership categories, a process that will take another year or so to complete. One change being looked at is under the Comprehensive category and the benefit of receiving 5-6 books each year. Currently NAEYC chooses which books members receive; under the new system members will get to choose which books they wish to receive.  Many other exciting changes are being discussed…watch for more information as it becomes available.

Why do I care about belonging to an “affiliate” and what is an “affiliate” anyway?
Affiliates are the local chapters of the state and national AEYC organization. In Arizona, all NAEYC members not only belong to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, you also have membership in the Arizona state AEYC. Upon registering for membership, you may also have been given the opportunity to join your local affiliate (all for the same registration fee).

Arizona currently has four local affiliates: Valley of the Sun, Central, Southern Arizona, and Yuma. Depending upon where you live, by choosing to belong to one of the local affiliates you receive their newsletter, information about their upcoming events, and you have a connection with your local early childhood community.

If you have questions or are not sure whether you are a member of your local affiliate, you can log on to the NAEYC website and check your membership status under the “member only” link. You also have the option to join more than one local affiliate, which many members do–especially if they live and work in different areas.

I want more information about NAEYC and membership:
Visit the NAEYC website and/or e-mail or call (520) 777-0867.